DUPR Family

To support the amazing families playing pickleball, we are offing a fun family bracket! This is meant to be an experience for parents and children, aunts and nephews, cousins and grandmas. If pickleball is something you love to do as a family, we want you to play here! If you have a special consideration where a child or friend is under your care- you are welcome and we hope you'll join in the fun. Teams are still required to have 2 boys and 2 girls.

Minor League Pickleball is an innovative team competition where teams of four players (2 women and 2 men). Teams compete against each other over Labor Day weekend where each match includes a women’s doubles, men’s doubles, and two mixed doubles games where the outcome could lead to an innovative singles shootout called the Dreambreaker!

Brackets and Team Building

Your family team we hope includes players at the beginner and low intermediate level. We hope to see generations playing together out on the court! Since we are admitting 4 teams- if we feel a team is too advanced we will kindly ask them to join the DUPR 14 or other appropriate bracket.

Here is an example of a qualifying team:


DUPR Family Match Schedule

This is a new format we are offering and is for 4 teams only!  We hope to combine this bracket with either our DUPR 14 or DUPR 20 schedule.  All teams will be placed on a wait list until the bracket is filled.  After that time we'll announce a schedule and then collect payment.


The cost per player is $75 and will be paid through the Spitfire website after registration is approved.  You can register online HERE. All players need to register and sign appropriate waivers before tournament charges are posted on their accounts.